March 30, 2017

One of the greatest things that has happened recently is that I not only discovered, but was invited to join, a secret Facebook group regarding DP studies.  It’s been a breath of fresh air to read along as other people make their way through the work.  One of the things they were talking about was what might qualify as “mindfulness” work and that reminded me of the altar on my kitchen windowsill.

After writing the first couple entries regarding the placement of the altar and the idea that I needed to begin a morning prayer ritual there…absolutely nothing happened. No, that’s not true, I LOOKED at the altar the next morning and acknowledged that I was indeed, NOT partaking in any morning ritual or prayer.

So, finally, this morning while making breakfast for the kids I remembered that I had wanted to begin a morning ritual, and so lit some incense.  I stood there for a moment watching as the smoke seeped out of the burner and across the bowl of water representing the sacred well.  I don’t know how long I stood there, but shortly after I lit the incense my husband arrived in the kitchen with a smile and asked why I had lit incense.  I updated him on my plan to begin a morning ritual as I once had when we lived in Dorchester with our beautiful altar.

I stood there watching the smoke and thought to myself, “Now what?” as I no longer have a “go to” way of doing things.  It was so easy in Dorchester with that big ol’ altar right there and it just made sense to kneel before it and pray.  This experience is different in that it’s on a windowsill and you can’t kneel before it.  In the end, it won’t be that different (minus the kneeling).  But now it’s been so long I can barely remember whatever it was I used to SAY.  I may spend some time today looking up a good morning ritual prayer. Even without it though, just the act of lighting the incense and standing there inhaling with purpose made a difference in the way I felt as I set out to start my day.


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