Mid-Spring Ritual

We met on Sunday afternoon, March 19th at Hearthstone Farm.  My family and I had been gone all day at a wrestling tournament and arrived home just in time to grab some last minute items for dinner when our other grove member, Jeremy showed up.  We were still snowed out of our usual spot at the big bonfire pit out in our field (our current grove spot) which was a little disappointing, but we all agreed to do ritual outside on our driveway.  Ritualing (a new term I just coined, for the act of doing ritual, different than “ritualizing”) on our driveway sounds terribly unromantic and certainly not magical, but that’s not entirely true.  Our driveway is long and our house pretty far back from the street.  It’s dirt, and for one of the first times in Spring, we could finally see and stand on that dirt, rather than ice and snow.  (plus, our driveway has a nice view of the sunset)

We began by simply walking clockwise around our small fire in order to replace our “procession” and we successfully execute the COOR. It was a simple and wonderful experience, which it usually is when we come together last minute and seemingly unprepared. We acknowledged that while we are still buried in ice and snow, that the wheel had turned and the earth was coming alive.  I had planned on using some unprocessed maple sap for our sacred blessing, but with the weather as it’s been, never got a chance to tap any of our trees (will try again for Beltane). I’d also forgotten to grab some Kosher grape juice, which is our standard blessing so we used the last of the melted snow from our Imbolc ritual (having been frozen out of our river, we had no water for our sacred well and melted snow instead).  Though it was a little bit thrown together, our intentions were pure, our energy strong, and ultimately it was a great experience.  We skipped the omen due to the fact that everything regarding the set up and execution of ritual had fallen into place so nicely we declared that the gods were satisfied with our being there and accepted all of our sacrifices.

Jeremy and I had some good chat about things we’d like to grow to include in our ritual as time goes on, including the speaking of Gaelic, the inclusion of music, as well as working on a better way to call for an omen.


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