March 22, 2017 – Journal

I’ll have to check the rules, but I’m fairly certain that I’m supposed to be writing a WEEKLY journal entry? And if that’s so, well, I’m failing so far.  I’m failing because I haven’t had the time to consider spiritual matters much due to my sons’ wrestling schedule which seems like a pretty lame thing to say, but it actually brings me to the thing I want to talk about today.

Since re-dedicating to the DP work I have successfully set up our family altar, albeit a far smaller and less grand version of what it once was…it’s there.  That doesn’t sound like much, except that it took over 2 years to get that done.  I put it on the windowsill of our kitchen’s bay window.  I chose this location for a number of reasons, but one of them was that it’s a window we ALL look through first thing in the morning.  Sure, I may SEE through the window in our bedroom, but am I really LOOKING?  Once downstairs, I head to the kitchen to take care of my caffeine intake…and there I find myself standing at our beautiful kitchen counter, coffee in hand, looking out that big bay window.  I don’t normally light incense in the kitchen because normally if I’m IN the kitchen, it’s because I’m cooking and I don’t want the smell of the incense to interfere with the delicious aroma of my food!  But that’s not true in the morning!  I’m only in there for coffee and frankly, I think a little incense to start the day may be JUST the thing.

Yesterday afternoon I found a total of 5 minutes of free time which I used to find the little statues of a bunny and a bird that I had once used on my altar to celebrate Spring.  They’re these little garden statue things with big gaudy plastic gems on their sides in happy Spring colors, and I love them.  Being able to interact with my altar like that is something I haven’t done in a while.  It kind of brings me to the point of this journal entry, and that is, in our busy everyday lives, it can be very difficult if not entirely impossible to find time to focus on our spiritual selves.  To interact with the world on a spiritual level or to acknowledge the gods (much less to communicate with them in full!).  While I feel as though I walk through the world constantly in touch with the gods, how much interaction IS there on a daily basis?  And how can I go about changing that?  So far, the greatest interaction I have on a daily basis is the 15 minute commute to work (and 15 mins home) where I listen to my Irish music and have visions of dancing pagans in my mind as I daydream about what our grove could look like someday.  But that’s it.  And that’s not much.

Now that the altar is set up, I’m going to try and institute some kind of quick morning prayer/ritual so that I begin my day by formally interacting with the gods.  I always liked morning prayers.  Always felt it helped me get started on a good foot.  Not sure why it’s taken me this long to come back around to creating a new morning ritual (since we moved 2.5 years ago).  But late is better than never.  So let’s give it a go!


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