February 16, 2017

This is my first journal entry.  I feels weird.  I used to write eloquent blogs all the time.  I even used to keep hand written journals in ADDITION to my online blogs.  And still I’m staring at this empty box wondering what on earth I could write here that would be of any use.  I’ll be honest too, writing a “journal” that I KNOW is going to be read by someone who will then be judging it’s content and either accepting the journal as documentation for a completed DP or rejecting it, makes it a little harder to think of something to write.

For example, do I REALLY want to make note of my judgmental attitude while watching other ADF rituals on youtube?  Have you ever watched Mystery Science Theatre 3000? That’s pretty much how it goes.  And if you haven’t, it’s basically the outline of a puppet making snarky remarks about whatever cheesy sic-fi movie it’s watching.  I don’t feel GOOD about myself while I’m sitting there eye-rolling.  In fact, half of what’s going on is that I’m terrified that I come across equally as cheesy in MY rituals.  And I’m just not OK with that.  Or do I really want to make a permanent record of how much I don’t really LIKE other pagans?

I think I’m going to have to delete this.


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